Who Am I?

👋🏼 I'm Ryan and I enjoy building things for the digital and physical world. Currently, I'm helping democratize automation @ Zapier. I got my start in product management in 2010 where I consulted for a multinational hospitality company to help build a new reservation system. After that I went on to co-found a due dilligence product, managed three product teams responsible for technology that enables 40 million customers to find parking in garages and lots and spent 2017 to 2019 connecting brands and customers through social media at Sprout Social.

I've worked on various levels of the software stack, from UI design to front-end programming to strategy. My approach to building products is a bit different than most. I assume that my initial ideas, initiatives, or products will be wrong. Therefore we need to invite users to participate with us in the creation of our solutions.

In addition to building software products I also have deep expertise in video and post production, with some of my work having been viewed over 500,000 times.

When I'm not behind a computer or camera, I can be found spending time with my wife, two kids and our chocolate lab, cheering for the Chicago Cubs and pursuing fitness via constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.

Follow my Twitter feed for a bizarre mixture of thoughts on product management, rotationally grazing ruminants on perennial pasture to increase the carbon carrying capacity of soil and Chicago Cubs baseball.

One day I hope to live with my family on a farm orchestrating animals over the landscape in a way that gives back what is taken away, while building soil and minimizing stress. I believe that every person should know where their food comes from - see how it is raised, learn why it is raised that way and meet the people who raise their food....hence the picture of me holding the egg laying hen!


Work Experience

Product Manager at Zapier Nov 2019 - Present

Enabling automation for all SaaS users via partner integrations.

Senior Product Manager at Sprout Social Sep 2017 - Nov 2019

Responsible for defining and directing complex product strategy and process, critical decisions and initiatives for two product teams.

Product Manager at Arrive (formerly ParkWhiz) Nov 2015 - Sep 2017

Led ParkWhiz.com redesign, increasing conversions by 2 points and decreasing bounce rates by 10%. Launched significant mobile app update, increasing annual net revenue by an estimated $100k - $125k. Owned roadmap, including product discovery and prioritization of concurrent efforts for three sprint teams.

Co-founder & Director of Product at Prescient Dec 2013 - Nov 2015

Co-founded SpotLit, a due diligence SaaS application and went to market in less than 4 months. Drove company revenues for ‘SpotLit’ from $0 to $2.5 million in 10 months

Product Work

Things I’ve helped bring into existence

Sprout Social - Send to Bambu


Bambu by Sprout Social




Comply by Prescient


High Performance Pricing by Marriott

Sometimes I talk

Interviews / Podcasts

How to Think Like a Product Manager

How to Think Like a Product Manager

I was joined by two other Sprout PMs on this panel to discuss what product management is and how we work on day-to-day basis. I spoke about how the best ideas come from understanding a users desire to make progress, how to balance feedback and pressure from stakeholders, and the necessary skills to be a successful product manager.

Product Love Podcast

Product Love Podcast

I was recently on Pendo's Product Love Podcast where I chatted with Eric Boduch about storytelling and building creativity. Rather than being fixated on scrum versus kanban or grooming the backlog, think about how you can empower your teams and your customers through looking and listening for powerful stories.


Selected Productions

Fashion to Fitness

Fashion to Fitness

When Laura Dziak first started CrossFit, she was mildly concerned about bulking up. What preoccupied her more, however, was doing a workout as RX'd. Today, she's gained a total of 15 lb. of muscle but is still a Size 0.

Inside R.A.W Training

Inside R.A.W. Training

Take a tour of CrossFit R.A.W. at R.A.W. Training with co-founder Amy Butteri. The box is located in Wildwood, Penn., and started in an indoor soccer field adjoining their gym space.

Heritage Hollow Farms

Heritage Hollow Farms

Meet the farmers behind Heritage Hollow Farms, a family run business raising and direct marketing grass finished beef & lamb and pastured pork in historic Rappahannock County, Virginia

Measure of progress

Measure of Progress

In 2004 Jim started his now famous Beast Skills blog and website, leveraging his expertise in gymnastics, strength, and bodyweight exercises.

Ben & Kara

Ben & Kara Wedding Feature

I was hired to film Ben and Kara's wedding at the Antrim 1844 in Taneytown, MD. The shoot consisted of a 4 minute highlight reel as well as a 10 minute feature film.

Sun Recycling - A Look Inside

Sun Services

Sun Services runs a materials recovery facility is a specialized plant that receives, separates and prepares recyclable materials for marketing to end-user manufacturers.